We’re all very busy right now, so I’m really sorry I haven’t been online to post anything, but I’m here now so let me try to recap everything that has happened in the last two weeks.

The first week was staff training, and we met some of the staff who have been here for a long time. We hung out a lot with the ones who will be here all summer, because those were the ones being trained, and we’ve made some good friends. It will definitely be sad to leave next Monday. I’ll write more about what we learned at training in another post, though.

Last week was Teen Pursuit, so Ana, RJ, and I were counselors and Adriana, Bethany and Becca worked on the kitchen crew. Becca finally got to slop the pigs and everyone got to climb the mountain. Everyone who wanted to, that is. The last two days of Teen Pursuit (which is their oldest group of campers) we went on trail camp and camped out next to a beautiful lake. On the way back to the TBC (Tanalian Bible Camp) we got the option of climbing up the mountain the back way and coming back down the front and going on to TBC. Bethany, Becca and I went with campers and Adriana was able to go with some of the staff. That hike was a journey in and of itself, which might earn a blog post as well.

But what I really want to try to express to you is the pain I felt when that first group of campers left. Some of them shared their testimonies, and knowing what they were going back to and some of the struggles that they face daily, I broke down. I couldn’t handle another group of campers. I just wanted all the first ones to stay with me and to know that they are loved and wanted. But they couldn’t do that and all I could do was pray. So I prayed. And the lady who runs crafts, Renee, helped me to see that those kids are strong, and they know the gospel. They know about God and His love for them. And most of them are Christians, and coming back to this camp year after year, they have grown in their faith. Their roots may not be deep, deep down, but they are planted in His Word. And TBC doesn’t just leave them hanging. People go out and visit the campers. They encourage them to find churches. They are on Facebook. I told so many campers to find me on Facebook and message me whenever they wanted to talk or needed prayer. They actually broke my heart.

But I had to keep going. And this week has been a struggle. Lots of new staff came in while we were on Trail Camp, and I hate to admit it, but I really need prayer about it, but I resent a lot of them. I feel like they don’t know as much about the camp as I do, that they don’t understand the kids as well, which is not true. The new staff are all fine, God-fearing individuals. But they start complaining about the way a kid acts or how hard the week is, and I have to walk away. It’s too much. What we really need right now is prayer. I need peace of heart, so I can overcome this resentment. We all need strength and a prayer of joy, because the work we are doing is difficult, so the fun of it all can be lost on us sometimes. But we’re working at camp! It is so much fun! So please pray for us. We’re leaving in three days, with the campers, and it is going to be very, very difficult. I’m going to miss this camp with my whole heart and I have no doubt that the rest of the team will as well.

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