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Hopefully you found this page because you want to know more about the Team Alaska short term trip heading out this summer. I welcome you! On this team we have Rebecca Jenson as the leader, she brings a veteran presence as this will be her second time to the Land of the Midnight Sun. With her as assistant team leader is Sam Wachob, as well team members Sarah Rhodes, Melissa Williams and last but not least Addison (AJ) Hernandez. They will be heading to Port Alsworth, Alaska for an amazing time at a camp for First Nations youth. But you can head to the Our Mission section of the site to find out more about that. As well should you want to financially support this team, please visit the Support section of the site.

Heading out overseas is challenging enough, but staying within your own continent is sometimes even tougher. This team will be heading to a completely foreign environment within North America. I will have people ask me, why Alaska? And my answer to them is simple, why not Alaska? There is a such a great spiritual thirst there, and North Americans have not treated our neighbours, the First Nations peoples well over the years. We need to do a lot of mending work, and restoring relationships. Christ is hard at work in these peoples hearts, and we need to partner with him in that mission. I would ask that you pray for this team, pray that they find opportunities to represent what is good and right with Christ. Pray that they become part of the healing, and not perpetuating the brokenness. Pray how you can partner with this team in encouragement and support as they encounter some heavy oppression and spiritual darkness. This team needs you, and needs your loving support. Be Christ to this team, so that they can be Christ to the people they are serving.

If you want to know more about Tyndale Missions, or Team Alaska, you can feel free to contact me!

James Brooks – Coordinator for Community and Global Engagement

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