Alaska – Week One

Well today is Saturday May 31st. We have been in Alaska for Almost a week. Our flights went very smoothly, RJ flew from NL to Toronto and met the rest of the team there, then we flew from Toronto to Vancouver, BC. then from BC to Anchorage, AK. From Anchorage we took a charter plane right through the mountains to Port Alsworth, Alaska where Tanalian Bible Camp is located and we are staying now. The charter plane was VERY VERY small. RJ and Sarah were terrified as we were taking off, but Sam and Adison were fine! It was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. The view here is beautiful, it’s amazing to see mountains and the bright blue water. It just goes to show how amazing our God is. Something like that couldn’t have just happened by accident. So clearly designed. Anyways, we arrived a little tired but excited to meet everyone and see what God had in store for us.

We met the camp director Mark McGee, and his assistant James Bodolosky. James has a wife and 9 children. They are a missionary family, the youngest is 7 months old and the oldest is 17. We were blessed by hearing their testimonies as well as Mark’s and his wife Andrea. Mark has 3 kids. We met all the young adults we would be working with, so far there are about 25 of us in total, more to come by Monday. It has been great to get to meet so many people at one time from all over the world. There are many people who just stop by TBC (the camp) and to see everyone. There are a group of Christians who built Port A’s first general store where there are few items the citizens can buy without having to worry about ordering them in themselves. Everything here has to be flown here so it is a huge blessing to have this store. It also has coffee, and will start having a variety of restaurant food/beverage items.

Our days are pretty routine, breakfast at 8am, then we have chapel. Usually following we work outside or do some sort of team building activity with everyone.This usually happens until lunch, then we go outside and work around the camp, have more discussion about what we will be teaching the campers when they come, and more training for our responsibilities for next week. The past couple of days we have practiced shooting- rifels and archery, variety of games, canoeing, and were taught how to teach the campers these activities. Then we also discussed how to approach the gospel with different age groups.

It has been cold and rainy the past 3 days, but surprisingly we all sort of enjoy it. Yesterday we sat back and all watched a movie together. All of the kids here are so loving, they just jump on your lap and tell you about their day or ask you about yours. So we were surrounded by kids, babies, adults, youth, you name it and just had a relaxing day together after days of hard work. There have been many laughs.

The theme for camp this summer is IDENTITY, which has the team thinking about our individual identities, in Christ and other aspect of our lives. Everyone is pretty excited about this because Its a Theme that we have all really been in prayer about and focusing on.

We will try to post as much as we can, it may be harder once the campers get here. This week RJ is a councilor, Adison is a councilor, Sarah will be on Kitchen Crew and Sam will be on Work Crew (grounds keeping).
Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible and we will keep you updated!

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