Tyndale University College – An Introduction

At Tyndale University College, students study towards the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) degree, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or a Certificate in Christian Studies.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) prepares graduates for dynamic careers, further studies in graduate or professional programs, and for life in general. The degree combines a strong liberal arts core, a focus on biblical and theological studies, and the opportunity to major in one of eight disciplines.

The Bachelor of Religious Education degree has three ministry foci. It is a three-year, professional program designed to prepare graduates for ministry in local churches, para-church organizations or missions. BRE students may choose from General Ministries, Pastoral Ministry or Youth Ministry.

The B.Ed prepares teacher candidates to become accredited teachers in Ontario by immersing them into the teaching profession through learning from experienced faculty, being exposed to a variety of classroom settings, and forming values required by the educational enterprise.

Find out more at: http://www.tyndaleu.ca

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