Month: April 2013

What’s been happening in the first month at Bayview

It’s been a busy first month on the Bayview Campus. If you have been by the campus you can see all the construction signs that informs everyone that work is being done. Hard hats and safety boots required! That itself took

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Library Work

Tyndale has many books that need to move over to the Bayview Campus. If you are wondering where they are going to go, the plan is to put them in the cafeteria. Don’t worry, we are not leaving the cafeteria

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3rd & 4th floor Apartment Renovations

If  you are on the Bayview campus from the middle to the end of April you might hear some thumping noises. Sometimes loud, sometimes a little bit quieter. This is because the ‘demolition’ crew is onsite. They are tearing down

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Graduation Chapel & Dedication Photos

Grad Chapel - President Nelson

On Tuesday, April 2, a celebration was held in the Bayview campus chapel. This service included a graduation chapel, and the dedication of the Bayview campus to God. These are some photos from this event.

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An Historic Moment for Tyndale

Tyndale University College & Seminary officially took possession of its new Bayview Campus on Monday, April 1st. This date is a milestone and is a key step in the consolidation of Tyndale University College & Seminary onto one campus. Located

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Prayer Walk Photos

April 1 2013, Tyndale students, faculty & staff marched from the Ballyconnor Campus to the new Bayview Campus to celebrate our occupancy of the Bayview property.

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