Month: August 2013

Our Last Year at Ballyconnor

We are excited to be entering into the final year at our Ballyconnor campus. By this time next year, we will be walking through the doors of our new campus at 3377 Bayview Avenue! Much activity is underway and we

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Will it be the same Tyndale?

Thinking about the move to the Bayview campus gets me fired up! The new campus itself, plans for new buildings, and new programs are exciting, but the thing that excites me most is the thought of Tyndale expanding to be

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Moving Forward, 1000ft of Cable at a Time!

You may never see them, but power cables are everywhere. They run under the ground we walk on, string behind the walls that surround us, and hover above in the ceilings that shelter us.  Without these hidden, yet essential “life-lines,”

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