Month: October 2013

A Glimpse into the IT World at Bayview

I began my time at Tyndale five years ago. Fresh out of university and excited to be a part of Tyndale’s move to 3377 Bayview Ave. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. I’ve heard the idea of acquiring

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New Walls and Ceilings Anticipated in a ‘Few Short Months’

Despite not having the final building permit, renovation work still continues at Bayview as we have both the electrical and mechanical permits in hand. Mechanically, the main focus is currently in the sub-basement where two new air handling units are

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Imagining the Future

The Maintenance department has had a unique perspective during the journey to the Bayview campus.  We were among the first to be inside the property before Tyndale took possession and we have watched the process of demolition to ready it

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