New Walls and Ceilings Anticipated in a ‘Few Short Months’

Despite not having the final building permit, renovation work still continues at Bayview as we have both the electrical and mechanical permits in hand. Mechanically, the main focus is currently in the sub-basement where two new air handling units are being installed alongside a plethora of other mechanical equipment & controls required to provide the temperature controlled air we want. The two air handlers will soon be connected to both the Chapel and the new Library spaces providing us with warm or cool air as desired. To fit these units in and get them connected, a number of adjustments have been made in piping and duct-work throughout the mechanical space.


Electrically, the crews are working primarily in the new Library and auxiliary spaces. Conduits are being run across the ceiling to provide power to the Chapel, Library, kitchen, cafe and study hall. Once all the electrical is in place, we’ll be ready to connect our computers & printers; the kitchen will be well powered for the heavy duty cooking equipment; lights will be installed and outlets readied for laptops. And in a few short months, this electrical work will be hidden by new walls and ceilings, and these spaces will be fit for the bustle of our university!

Scott Rough – Manager, Campus Operations


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