Month: December 2013

The “Now and Not Yet”

Bishop Eusebius (260—339), is called the father of Church history. He is known for writing that we live in the “tension between the now and the not yet.” What he meant was that as Christians we live “between the times”—between

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Vision for ‘Hotel-Quality’ Guestrooms at Bayview

One of the reasons I enjoy working in Campus Services is the variety this job entails. At any moment we could be loading money onto a hungry student’s meal card, booking Tyndale’s facilities for an upcoming youth conference, or on

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Tyndale’s Journey: Reflections from 1928

“The necessity of abandoning the old building brings keen regrets. It has grown very dear to students and staff, and to every graduate it is a place of many sacred memories, as letters from all parts of the world testify.

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