University Students ‘Brave the Cold’ at Bayview

On Thursday, January 9, the University College Student Council welcomed students back with an evening of sledding at the Bayview campus. Over 50 students braved the cold, snowy weather to race down the hill and reconnect with their peers as they began a new semester. “It’s a great way to unwind and get back in touch with everyone after being away for Christmas,” said Cory Laflair, a fourth-year psychology student. “It’s early enough in the semester that the workload hasn’t really piled up yet. Plus, it gives everyone an opportunity to experience the new campus a little bit.”

Following the hour of sledding, even more students convened in the Ballyconnor cafeteria to enjoy musical performances and complementary snacks. And of course, “exemplary performances” from earlier in the evening were given their due recognition, with an award presented for the biggest wipeout on the sledding hill.

“This is really what we’re looking to do with our council this year,” said Neil Lamont, a Vice President on the UC Student Council. “These kinds of events go a long way towards fostering relational growth between students. Residents and commuters alike are all here sharing life together and celebrating the start of a new semester.”

This is just one of many events hosted by the council this school year. Previous events have included banquets, coffee houses, and outings to various locales around the city. “We’re trying to help all these students have the best experience they can here,” said Neil. “We’re not going to let the cold weather stop us.”

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