Lots done…Lots to do!

We are right in the thick of getting the Bayview campus ready for the big move from Ballyconnor this summer.  As shown inTyndaleExecutiveBoard-077 pictures and other blogs on this site, huge amounts of mechanical and electrical work have been completed in anticipation of the extensive renovations yet to be done. 

We are working diligently with the City of Toronto to provide information supporting its review of our plans and the necessary due diligence leading to the issuance of our building permits.  Once the permits are received, work will begin in earnest on interior renovations, including the creation of a new library, food services areas, classrooms and offices. 

There is still much to be done and our timing is tight, but as we see the new campus taking shape, our excitement for the potential that it brings grows!  Please continue to pray with us that the required city permits will be received soon and that the many other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place as they should, and in His time!

Randy Henderson

Senior VP Finance & Chief Operating Officer

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