Month: April 2014

Tyndale’s Journey: Reflections from LBI/LCBM (1935-1968)

“There are three things that I want you to remember as you go out into service for Christ.  The first is that the only thing that really endures is that which we do for others…Secondly, do not lose your passion

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Some Very Good News!

I know many of you have been praying faithfully for some time now about the City permits required for the Bayview campus renovations. Well, I just want to say that your prayers are working. We received word today that our application

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Bayview Chapel: Soaring Space and Amazing Artistry

Compared to the milestone of 120 years that Tyndale is celebrating in 2014, my 19 months at Tyndale is fairly short, but long enough for me to get a good sense of its history and ethos as a learning and

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