A Heart Set on Bayview

lyndsay2I officially became a Tyndale student in September 2012 after years of having my heart and mind set on Tyndale. This means I have also had my eyes on the Bayview campus for a while. There were many things that drew me close to the heart of Tyndale, and one of them was the possibility of expanding and growing into the new Bayview location. Two years into my degree, and my time at Tyndale, this is still true today.

As both a student and a student leader, I am overwhelmingly excited and extremely nervous about the move. As a community of students, staff and Christ followers, we are attempting something few communities and universities have done before. We are in the midst of transition, and with this come unknowns and unexpected curve balls. I have become accustomed to the Ballyconnor campus and have a small irrational fear of getting lost, along with concerns of how the library will function or where to find a new favourite study spot. In the midst of all of these worries, I have found a peaceful reassurance knowing we serve an unchanging God who is constant and abundant in perfect wisdom.

As a student council member for the past year and as I step into the role of student council president this September, my heart has been longing for the new campus. I’ve been on tours and seen floor plans all in anticipation for this wonderful move. There is an incredible amount of potential for not only student council but also the beautiful community that is Tyndale. Between the green space surrounding the campus and the increase of square footage, we as a University College student council team have a lot planned. Dreams of a larger Fall Festival, outdoor concerts, community service projects and brand new locations for open mic nights fill our mind. Our team is seeking new and creative times to host activities along with planning events that have never been done before. We know that the Bayview campus will offer new locations, exciting opportunities and a new creative flare to enhance what the University College council teams have done in the past.

As the 2014/2015 University College council team, our vision is to intentionally cultivate biblical community and empower students to continually thrive. I am positive we will be able to start and continue that at the Bayview campus.

Lyndsay Viveiros [BA 2016] – 2014/2015 University College Student Council President
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