Month: January 2015

Raise the Rooftop Air Handler

This past week has seen many finishing touches in several areas around the Bayview campus. Flooring has been installed in the hallways, carpet has been laid in the library and many residence rooms have been painted and await furniture. The

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Kitchen Countertops Installed!

This week, many countertops were installed on the Bayview campus, including for the salad bar and food-serving stations in the cafeteria and also in the library cafe. Much of the library is finished and it’s easy to picture it filled

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Picture This…

Here are more photos to show you how renovations are coming along on the Bayview campus. Some noteworthy developments include public washroom facilities, network infrastructure and new desks and carpets in the library. (Click to enlarge)

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New year, new changes

2015 is here, which means a new year of exciting changes over at the Bayview campus. Renovations are coming along nicely and it is becoming increasingly easier to imagine how the finished product will look. See for yourself—here are our most recent

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