Almost there…

If you have been around the Ballyconnor campus these past two weeks, you have no doubt noticed the absence of artwork on the walls. The beautiful art pieces from the seminary lounge have followed the graduation photos and the William Tyndale portrait to the new campus. Faculty, staff and students are beginning to pack up their offices and rooms for the upcoming move, and the library is preparing for the transportation of every Bible commentary, dictionary and historical text.

At the Bayview campus, there is a growing excitement as more and more rooms take shape. Library shelving and desks have arrived ahead of schedule and have been installed into the bright space. Computer labs, with their plug-ins and desks, have also appeared. The kitchen is clean and ready to go. In the main student lounge, a café is in the process of being built. All in all, the Bayview campus is shaping up to be a beautiful place for the Tyndale community to live, learn and grow together.

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