Class is in session

Spring is definitely here—sunshine floods through Tyndale’s many windows and the courtyards are full of purple-pink and white crab apple blossoms.

Below the Chapel, you find the brightly lit halls connecting the library (now open!), and the Lamp Post Café (now serving coffee and its famous muffins!) and the Study Centre (now housing a class!).

Our new building is beginning to look and sound more like a school as students enter their spring courses. Dr. Eric Crouse’s Film and American Society intensive course is finishing up today, having taken place in the Study Centre this week. Seminary classes, including Dr. James Beverley’s Systematic Theology course, are also filling the new classrooms around the campus. The Bachelor of Education students have returned this week from their practicum.

All in all, it continues to be a pretty exciting time, with something new to see every day.

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