Before and After: The Lamp Post Café

Life on Tyndale’s new campus has found its rhythm. Classes take place in new, brightly-lit classrooms every day. Weekly Chapel services are held in our gorgeous Chapel. Staff and seminary faculty have settled in. The Lamp Post Café and J. William Horsey Library and Tyndale Bookstore are open for business.

As renovations continue in a few closed-off wings, let us remember just how far we have come. This blog post marks the beginning of a “Before and After” photo series, showing you the transformation from motherhouse to university and seminary.

First, take a look at our new and improved Lamp Post Café. Less than a year ago, this area was all concrete and pipes. Now, it is a bright, beautiful café (that now takes debit!).


Café Construction


Café Now

Cafe Now with People


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