Before and After: J. William Horsey Library

The library is the heart of a university. It reflects the cultural pursuits and values of its school. Tyndale’s mission statement states that the school is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for the enriching of mind, heart and character, to serve the church and the world for the glory of God.”

The J. William Horsey Library embodies this worthy mission. The library is a place that encourages the pursuit of truth. The books within its walls represent the work and wisdom of countless scholars devoted to the mission. Tyndale library staff work hard to help students find the books they need for their studies, while faculty use the library to make further contributions to academia.

With our move to Bayview, the Tyndale library is now literally the heart of the university; the J. William Horsey Library sits directly below the chapel, at the very centre of the campus. With its new shelves, natural lighting and study space, the library continues to be a place for teaching, learning and research.

Below, see the transformation of the new library over the course of the renovations.

Library Time Lapse Still (1 of 1)

Library Construction



Library New

Library New with People

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