Final Reflections

IMG_3506The date was April 19, 2011. The announcement that Tyndale would ultimately consolidate its full operations on the Bayview campus was the initial posting in the new Road to Bayview blog on the Tyndale website. Since then, month by month the Tyndale Communications team has faithfully told, through words and pictures, the evolving story of the Bayview campus renovations and Tyndale’s eventual move from the former Ballyconnor campus this past April. This has been a monumental, historic event in the life of our community, engaging people from all across the institution. The Road to Bayview will serve as a permanent reminder to each one of us not only of how we got here but of Who it was that got us here!

And what a journey it has been. Following the departure of the Sisters of St. Joseph to their new home in March 2013, the road to Bayview has been filled with challenges, surprises, deadlines missed, milestones reached, celebrations enjoyed, disappointments endured, a complex and highly successful move from the old campus to the new, the excitement of settling into the new campus mixed with the emotions of leaving the old, all culminating with the official opening and dedication of the Bayview campus at the end of September.

So, we are finally here and the road to Bayview is complete. It has stretched our Library New with Peoplecommunity in ways that we could never have imagined when it began. It will no doubt continue to do so. Although we know there is much more to be done in the months and years to come, in the end what has been created is what we have long believed God intends for this place. God has provided ample facilities for furthering the dream of Tyndale’s founders to provide women and men with a vibrant post-secondary education interwoven with God’s truth, combined with spectacular physical resources to be shared widely with thecommunities of which we are a part.

Our gratitude and deep appreciation is extended to all those who helped turn this dream into reality. Faithful supporters who caught the vision in the early days have given sacrificially and supporters continue to give generously to help meet our current needs. Tyndale staff and faculty worked tirelessly at the transition while ensuring that our students continued to receive the best educational experience possible. Our external advisers and contractors navigated surprise after surprise. We must also thank our students who waited patiently to get here! Most of all we are thankful to God for His guidance, direction and faithfulness in helping us arrive at this point and for the opportunity He has given all of us to participate in what He is doing in this part of the Kingdom!

Randy Henderson
Senior VP, Finance & Chief Operating Officer​​​
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