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Final Reflections

The date was April 19, 2011. The announcement that Tyndale would ultimately consolidate its full operations on the Bayview campus was the initial posting in the new Road to Bayview blog on the Tyndale website. Since then, month by month

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It’s Official!

At long last, the move to Bayview is official! This past weekend brought the community and neighbourhood together for the Opening Celebrations, including the Official Campus Opening & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Tyndale welcomed The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of

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Countdown to Move-In Day

With Move-In Day only a week away, renovations are ramping up. Classrooms, lounges and parking lots are being prepared for new as well as returning students. Exercise equipment has been unloaded and installed into the new fitness room, chairs and

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Before and After: Dining Hall

The dining hall is a place for food and fellowship. Eating is a social activity, especially for university students. At lunch or dinner, you will find students discussing their classes, engaging in friendly (and sometimes heated) debates and building lasting

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Before and After: J. William Horsey Library

The library is the heart of a university. It reflects the cultural pursuits and values of its school. Tyndale’s mission statement states that the school is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for

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The secret garden

One of the main attractions that our new campus has to offer (along with the amazing Chapel) is the green space. Our new home on Bayview has an impressive 56 acres of rolling green hills and groves, which the community

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Before and After: The Lamp Post Café

Life on Tyndale’s new campus has found its rhythm. Classes take place in new, brightly-lit classrooms every day. Weekly Chapel services are held in our gorgeous Chapel. Staff and seminary faculty have settled in. The Lamp Post Café and J.

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Class is in session

Tyndale UC spring course

Spring is definitely here—sunshine floods through Tyndale’s many windows and the courtyards are full of purple-pink and white crab apple blossoms. Below the Chapel, you find the brightly lit halls connecting the library (now open!), and the Lamp Post Café

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Goodbye Ballyconnor: The Power of a Place


Our surroundings help shape our thoughts, our attitudes and our faith. In Scripture, places have great significance—the Temple Mount, the manger, Golgotha, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee. In the same way, for the last 39 years, the Ballyconnor campus has

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People, Books and Boxes


The move to the Bayview campus is in full swing! Faculty and staff have been making their way over to the new campus and bringing all of their books and materials with them. This week, the bookstore, Seminary faculty, Hudson

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