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Before and After: The Lamp Post Café

Life on Tyndale’s new campus has found its rhythm. Classes take place in new, brightly-lit classrooms every day. Weekly Chapel services are held in our gorgeous Chapel. Staff and seminary faculty have settled in. The Lamp Post Café and J.

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Class is in session

Tyndale UC spring course

Spring is definitely here—sunshine floods through Tyndale’s many windows and the courtyards are full of purple-pink and white crab apple blossoms. Below the Chapel, you find the brightly lit halls connecting the library (now open!), and the Lamp Post Café

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Goodbye Ballyconnor: The Power of a Place


Our surroundings help shape our thoughts, our attitudes and our faith. In Scripture, places have great significance—the Temple Mount, the manger, Golgotha, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee. In the same way, for the last 39 years, the Ballyconnor campus has

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Setting up shop on Bayview

Things are steadily taking shape on the Bayview campus as we near the end stages of the moving process. The shelves in the bookstore and library are being organized, and the kitchen, cafeteria, café and study centres are each being set up

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People, Books and Boxes


The move to the Bayview campus is in full swing! Faculty and staff have been making their way over to the new campus and bringing all of their books and materials with them. This week, the bookstore, Seminary faculty, Hudson

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The Calm before the Swarm

Tables at Bayview

As renovations continue on the Bayview campus, finished areas await the Tyndale community. The move has begun; several departments have left the familiar halls of Ballyconnor for the freshly painted offices of Bayview. The building is still a renovation zone,

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Almost there…

If you have been around the Ballyconnor campus these past two weeks, you have no doubt noticed the absence of artwork on the walls. The beautiful art pieces from the seminary lounge have followed the graduation photos and the William

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More Furniture and Fixtures

Ballyconnor campus paintings have been packed up and moved. The beloved portrait of our namesake, William Tyndale, that hung just outside the cafeteria has joined the graduation photos on the way to the new campus. This week, dressers arrived for

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Moving Dorm Room Desks

This past week, the Ballyconnor campus started to look different. The graduation class photos were carefully taken down—leaving bare, white walls—in preparation for the move to their new home. Upstairs, the Katimavik Lounge’s stained glass window was removed for its

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Checklists and Dorm Rooms

Checking items off a to-do list is very satisfying. Especially when that to-do list is fairly long. Last week, we checked off several tasks over at the Bayview campus. Dorm rooms have been cleaned, cleared and labelled as finished. Whole hallways have

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