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Before and After: J. William Horsey Library

The library is the heart of a university. It reflects the cultural pursuits and values of its school. Tyndale’s mission statement states that the school is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for

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Almost there…

If you have been around the Ballyconnor campus these past two weeks, you have no doubt noticed the absence of artwork on the walls. The beautiful art pieces from the seminary lounge have followed the graduation photos and the William

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More Furniture and Fixtures

Ballyconnor campus paintings have been packed up and moved. The beloved portrait of our namesake, William Tyndale, that hung just outside the cafeteria has joined the graduation photos on the way to the new campus. This week, dressers arrived for

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Moving Dorm Room Desks

This past week, the Ballyconnor campus started to look different. The graduation class photos were carefully taken down—leaving bare, white walls—in preparation for the move to their new home. Upstairs, the Katimavik Lounge’s stained glass window was removed for its

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Checklists and Dorm Rooms

Checking items off a to-do list is very satisfying. Especially when that to-do list is fairly long. Last week, we checked off several tasks over at the Bayview campus. Dorm rooms have been cleaned, cleared and labelled as finished. Whole hallways have

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Touring the Bayview Campus

Yesterday, the Marketing & Communications team visited the Bayview campus for a tour. Donning hard hats and work boots, we started in the kitchen and headed to the library. The entire building was filled with natural light. One interesting development

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Heavy Lifting

This week, we raised the rooftop air handlers. Air handlers are a part of the HVAC system and are used to circulate air. As seen in the photos below, the heavy units were hoisted up with an mobile crane and installed on the

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Kitchen Countertops Installed!

This week, many countertops were installed on the Bayview campus, including for the salad bar and food-serving stations in the cafeteria and also in the library cafe. Much of the library is finished and it’s easy to picture it filled

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Picture This…

Here are more photos to show you how renovations are coming along on the Bayview campus. Some noteworthy developments include public washroom facilities, network infrastructure and new desks and carpets in the library. (Click to enlarge)

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New year, new changes

2015 is here, which means a new year of exciting changes over at the Bayview campus. Renovations are coming along nicely and it is becoming increasingly easier to imagine how the finished product will look. See for yourself—here are our most recent

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