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Picture This…

Here are more photos to show you how renovations are coming along on the Bayview campus. Some noteworthy developments include public washroom facilities, network infrastructure and new desks and carpets in the library. (Click to enlarge)

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New year, new changes

2015 is here, which means a new year of exciting changes over at the Bayview campus. Renovations are coming along nicely and it is becoming increasingly easier to imagine how the finished product will look. See for yourself—here are our most recent

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Bayview Renovation and Move Update

Bayview Campus

Greetings all! Welcome to another fall term at Tyndale.  This year promises to be an eventful one as we celebrate Tyndale’s 120th anniversary and prepare to transition from the Ballyconnor campus to the Bayview campus. Work is forging ahead on renovations

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Some Very Good News!

I know many of you have been praying faithfully for some time now about the City permits required for the Bayview campus renovations. Well, I just want to say that your prayers are working. We received word today that our application

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Lots done…Lots to do!

We are right in the thick of getting the Bayview campus ready for the big move from Ballyconnor this summer.  As shown in pictures and other blogs on this site, huge amounts of mechanical and electrical work have been completed

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Vision for ‘Hotel-Quality’ Guestrooms at Bayview

One of the reasons I enjoy working in Campus Services is the variety this job entails. At any moment we could be loading money onto a hungry student’s meal card, booking Tyndale’s facilities for an upcoming youth conference, or on

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New Walls and Ceilings Anticipated in a ‘Few Short Months’

Despite not having the final building permit, renovation work still continues at Bayview as we have both the electrical and mechanical permits in hand. Mechanically, the main focus is currently in the sub-basement where two new air handling units are

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All Systems Go!

As of Sunday August 26, the power to the high school and the E/F wings of the Motherhouse, currently in use by Tyndale, was restored. New cables have been run from a power pole on Bayview through the underground piping

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Our Last Year at Ballyconnor

We are excited to be entering into the final year at our Ballyconnor campus. By this time next year, we will be walking through the doors of our new campus at 3377 Bayview Avenue! Much activity is underway and we

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The Twists and Turns of Transition

These are exciting times. We’re in the thick of it now – meetings, planning, negotiating, more meetings, revised plans, decisions to make, more meetings, more planning…busy days for sure, but also exciting to see the transition moving ahead, details and

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