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Before and After: Dining Hall

The dining hall is a place for food and fellowship. Eating is a social activity, especially for university students. At lunch or dinner, you will find students discussing their classes, engaging in friendly (and sometimes heated) debates and building lasting

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Tyndale Receives Final Renovation Permit

Dear Tyndale Community, I am very pleased to announce that our site plan approval for the Bayview campus was granted by the City of Toronto on Friday, November 7. This is the final renovation permit that we have been working

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Kilometres of Books!

There are many empty spaces on the library shelves now. In August 2014, we moved the books that are least in circulation into offsite storage. When we move into the new library in December 2014, we will only have room

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Bayview Renovations: Transforming the Kitchen, Lounge and Library

Bayview Construction

New and exciting renovations have begun at the Bayview campus! Below is a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation happening in the new kitchen, lounge and library. (click to enlarge)

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A Sudden, Exciting Reality

Toward the end of my time here as a student, in 2007, the Bayview campus was purchased, and for me then it was a distant dream that I would never fully realize. However, when I was hired as the Coordinator

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Renovations Forging Ahead

I know many of you are excited about the work taking place at Bayview to equip the campus with the facilities of a modern Christian university. So, I am pleased to provide you with an update on how things are

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Tyndale’s Journey: From Past to Future

Walmer Road Baptist Church

Albert Villaruz, Education Acquisitions Technician “Indeed the history of the Institution from its beginning until now has proved it to be a tree of the Lord’s own planting. According to His word of sure promise, He has kept it and

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Will it be the same Tyndale?

Thinking about the move to the Bayview campus gets me fired up! The new campus itself, plans for new buildings, and new programs are exciting, but the thing that excites me most is the thought of Tyndale expanding to be

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