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Before and After: Dining Hall

The dining hall is a place for food and fellowship. Eating is a social activity, especially for university students. At lunch or dinner, you will find students discussing their classes, engaging in friendly (and sometimes heated) debates and building lasting

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Will it be the same Tyndale?

Thinking about the move to the Bayview campus gets me fired up! The new campus itself, plans for new buildings, and new programs are exciting, but the thing that excites me most is the thought of Tyndale expanding to be

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Beautiful Sunny Days At Bayview

The new campus is providing Tyndale with more space – including a beautiful backyard. There is lots of green space for the community to enjoy the lawn, a ravine and many shady trees.  

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On the Road to Bayview

In anticipation of Tyndale’s move to the Bayview campus in 2013, Tyndale students, faculty, and staff met to discuss values and ideas to consider when renovating the new campus. The Tyndale representatives present at the meetings were eager to voice

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