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Checklists and Dorm Rooms

Checking items off a to-do list is very satisfying. Especially when that to-do list is fairly long. Last week, we checked off several tasks over at the Bayview campus. Dorm rooms have been cleaned, cleared and labelled as finished. Whole hallways have

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Tiles are up!

Wires, tiles, dry wall and glass doors–all are coming together as renovations forge ahead. Things are happening so quickly at the Bayview campus that we have started sending our photographer over every week to document the process. Here are some photos

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High-Voltage Excitement at Bayview!

Do you know what a HYDRO-VAULT is? Essentially, it’s a large “room” that encases the hydro equipment needed to power buildings. The vault for the Bayview campus is currently being built. This 30ft x 25ft room is quite large and

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