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All Systems Go!

As of Sunday August 26, the power to the high school and the E/F wings of the Motherhouse, currently in use by Tyndale, was restored. New cables have been run from a power pole on Bayview through the underground piping

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Moving Forward, 1000ft of Cable at a Time!

You may never see them, but power cables are everywhere. They run under the ground we walk on, string behind the walls that surround us, and hover above in the ceilings that shelter us.  Without these hidden, yet essential “life-lines,”

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High-Voltage Excitement at Bayview!

Do you know what a HYDRO-VAULT is? Essentially, it’s a large “room” that encases the hydro equipment needed to power buildings. The vault for the Bayview campus is currently being built. This 30ft x 25ft room is quite large and

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A New Road?

Well…a temporary new road. With a lot of the work being done on the Bayview campus, most of us don’t have access to see it. But here’s something you can see, if you peek around back—a new road. A temporary

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