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Before and After: J. William Horsey Library

The library is the heart of a university. It reflects the cultural pursuits and values of its school. Tyndale’s mission statement states that the school is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for

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Class is in session

Tyndale UC spring course

Spring is definitely here—sunshine floods through Tyndale’s many windows and the courtyards are full of purple-pink and white crab apple blossoms. Below the Chapel, you find the brightly lit halls connecting the library (now open!), and the Lamp Post Café

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Checklists and Dorm Rooms

Checking items off a to-do list is very satisfying. Especially when that to-do list is fairly long. Last week, we checked off several tasks over at the Bayview campus. Dorm rooms have been cleaned, cleared and labelled as finished. Whole hallways have

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Touring the Bayview Campus

Yesterday, the Marketing & Communications team visited the Bayview campus for a tour. Donning hard hats and work boots, we started in the kitchen and headed to the library. The entire building was filled with natural light. One interesting development

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Kitchen Countertops Installed!

This week, many countertops were installed on the Bayview campus, including for the salad bar and food-serving stations in the cafeteria and also in the library cafe. Much of the library is finished and it’s easy to picture it filled

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From Floor to Ceiling

Over the past two weeks, we have posted photos from the Bayview campus to show the renovation progress. Tiles have been laid, drywall put up and walls have been painted. Below are more pictures showing the floor to ceiling transformation – changes

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Progress, progress, progress…

The library’s glass doors have been installed! The Bayview campus is beginning to look more and more like the finished product we have all been dreaming of. The photos below–taken merely a week after our last blog post–demonstrate just how quickly renovations

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Tyndale Receives Final Renovation Permit

Dear Tyndale Community, I am very pleased to announce that our site plan approval for the Bayview campus was granted by the City of Toronto on Friday, November 7. This is the final renovation permit that we have been working

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Lament for an Undotted Book

Moves are a combination of sadness and anticipation of the future. The following lament is my reflection on splitting our library collection, keeping the books with dots and storing the rest – for now. Lament for an Undotted Book The

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Kilometres of Books!

There are many empty spaces on the library shelves now. In August 2014, we moved the books that are least in circulation into offsite storage. When we move into the new library in December 2014, we will only have room

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