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Before and After: Dining Hall

The dining hall is a place for food and fellowship. Eating is a social activity, especially for university students. At lunch or dinner, you will find students discussing their classes, engaging in friendly (and sometimes heated) debates and building lasting

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Before and After: J. William Horsey Library

The library is the heart of a university. It reflects the cultural pursuits and values of its school. Tyndale’s mission statement states that the school is “dedicated to the pursuit of truth, to excellence in teaching, learning and research, for

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Goodbye Ballyconnor: The Power of a Place


Our surroundings help shape our thoughts, our attitudes and our faith. In Scripture, places have great significance—the Temple Mount, the manger, Golgotha, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee. In the same way, for the last 39 years, the Ballyconnor campus has

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Heavy Lifting

This week, we raised the rooftop air handlers. Air handlers are a part of the HVAC system and are used to circulate air. As seen in the photos below, the heavy units were hoisted up with an mobile crane and installed on the

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Picture This…

Here are more photos to show you how renovations are coming along on the Bayview campus. Some noteworthy developments include public washroom facilities, network infrastructure and new desks and carpets in the library. (Click to enlarge)

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Tiles are up!

Wires, tiles, dry wall and glass doors–all are coming together as renovations forge ahead. Things are happening so quickly at the Bayview campus that we have started sending our photographer over every week to document the process. Here are some photos

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Tyndale’s Journey: Reflections from 1976-1977

“Few lives in Biblical history so challenge the imaginations of our hearts as does Abraham’s pilgrimage with God. God’s call brought uprootedness… ‘he looked for the city which hath foundations, whose architect and builder is God.’ He was a pilgrim,

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A New Audio System for the Bayview Chapel!

The Chapel at the Tyndale Bayview campus is undeniably the major “focal point” of the campus. The design of the Chapel, the materials, the grandeur of the space is not lost on anybody who walks in through the doors. From

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A Sudden, Exciting Reality

Toward the end of my time here as a student, in 2007, the Bayview campus was purchased, and for me then it was a distant dream that I would never fully realize. However, when I was hired as the Coordinator

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Endless Possibilities

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, I had the privilege of watching the graduating class of 2014 walk across the stage and receive their degrees. It was an extremely emotional day for me as I had to say goodbye to students

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