Monthly Archives: September 2014

Cultivate: Frosh Week 2014

Frosh Week 2014 was seven days of excitement, nerves, stress, curiosity and much more. The week began with university students moving into what they will call home for the next year. Halls and dorms were flooded with the busyness of putting rooms together, making friends, meeting leadership and saying goodbye to family.

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Looking Beyond University: How to Transition into Your Career

When we choose a university program, our ultimate goal is to have a career in that area. While there may be a lot of job openings out there, it is always important to know how to get them. So how do you set your path in the real world and make your university degree worth it?

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Discovering My Passion for Student Leadership

The first year that I applied to serve on the Student Leadership Team was in my second year at Tyndale. I was selected to be a Resident Advisor and was put in charge of a dormitory with another Resident Advisor and asked to come alongside first-year students as they navigate the university experience for the first time,

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