Discovering My Passion for Student Leadership

The first year that I applied to serve on the Student Leadership Team was in my second year at Tyndale. I was selected to be a Resident Advisor and was put in charge of a dormitory with another Resident Advisor and asked to come alongside first-year students as they navigate the university experience for the first time, plan events and ensure the dorm rules were followed. The entire year was a whirlwind of exciting activities and new experiences. I was taking a full course load, which forced me to recognize my priorities at university and heightened my sense of time management.

After I finished the year, I decided to stay on in residence ministry by applying for the position of Residence Life Assistant (RLA). This role was geared towards working directly with the female Residence Advisors and making sure that all was well in their roles and in their own personal lives. The first semester as RLA challenged me. I felt out of my comfort zone as I worked with women around the same age as me. As the year progressed, I found that this job was feeling more like a passion that I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life rather than a task I do each day and leave feeling relieved that it’s over.

My role as RLA with the Student Leadership Team challenged me spiritually but also gave me a good sense of direction with where I want to go in life and what I want to do. Before starting university I never wanted to work with young adults or university-age students. I was always too intimidated by that age group, and now I am the RLA for my final year at Tyndale. The experiences I have encountered over my time at Tyndale have shaped my present and also my future as I explore ways I can use my passions in a God-honouring way.

Kaelynne Franck

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and English
Fourth Year
Student Admissions Administrator

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