Monthly Archives: November 2014

Making an Impact in Moldova

Sarah Rennick is one of the university’s fourth year Business Administration – International Development students. This past September, Sarah travelled to Chisinau, Moldova, where she is currently interning with Beginning of Life, an organization that works toward the prevention of human trafficking and rehabilitates women who have experienced sexual exploitation.

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Get in the Game!

Dribbling to glory

This semester has been awesome for our intramural and varsity sports teams. The intramurals are a great opportunity to get involved, try a sport you’ve never played and challenge yourself. You also always end up making new friends, either because you were on the same team or because of that horrible tackle you did!

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Top 10 Things You Should Do at University

1)  Ask the hard questions – you will be inspired to learn.

2)  Get involved – choose volunteer opportunities that will help you put the skills you learn in the classroom into practice. It looks great on a resumé!

3)  Education (specifically a liberal arts education) is meant to make you a better person.

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