To The Professor Who Taught Me How To Live


Where shall I begin, and what shall I say? To find the proper words and sentences to express my indebted gratitude to a professor who has done more than I could ever ask –  spurred me towards a pursuit of a career in academia, and taught me how to live – is a task not taken lightly.

Not only did he show me how to learn, write and ask questions, he demonstrated for me with patience how to pursue academics and how to live. The person I speak of is Dr. Craig Carter, Professor of Theology at Tyndale University College. This is the man who has shaped my thinking and pointed me towards the goal of an academic career.

It began when I took the Doctrine of God class with Dr. Carter in my second year. That class, I would soon find out, was going to rattle and ravage what I thought I knew. When I received my first assignment paper back, it was filled with markings, side notes, crosses and finally, at the end of the paper, a paragraph on how I could have improved. I sat there wondering why a professor would take so much care in his marking of a silly ol’ paper; it’s just a paper (so I thought). But it was exactly this that revealed to me Dr. Carter’s genuine passion and dedication for his students. A man devoted to his field came down to my level and guided me towards excellence. Yes, he mauled the paper with pen marks, but it was for my benefit – the pursuit of academic rigour.

I discovered why academic rigour is important during Dr. Carter’s class. Dr. Carter’s dedication to making sure his students’ writing is rigid, grammatically correct and sound was so that they could grasp and understand God better. He knew that without academic rigour, the hope of grasping even the littlest part of the Divine would be close to impossible. For this reason, we continually strive for knowledge and endeavour for perfection. So, all of it – even the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s – is working towards a fuller understanding of the one who is Perfect.

Dr. Carter taught me that the pursuit for excellence in academics would turn into a pursuit for a better understanding of God. My goal in life is to pursue God in all areas of life; this is how I want to live. Therefore, I pursue academics with all I have.

If you are reading this, Dr. Carter, thank you.  Without your guidance and teaching I cannot imagine where I would be. You have taught me how to live.


I.J. Makan

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy
Third Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative

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  1. Armen says:

    Encouraging post, I.J.!

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