What in the World is a Coffeehouse?

Coffeehouses at Tyndale are classic events that are opportunities for us to spend time with friends and enjoy the amazing talent that Tyndale has to offer. In answering the following questions, I’m going to tell you what these exciting events at Tyndale are all about!

What is a Coffeehouse?

A Coffeehouse is an event run by the university Student Council. Coffeehouses involve a wide selection of free food and drinks, as well as a relaxing environment where you can chill out and watch your peers perform musically.

Are all of these events the same?

Although the basic idea of the event remains the same, each one has its own unique twist typically with a different theme. In my time at Tyndale I’ve attended many themed Coffeehouses, including: a Hawaiian Coffeehouse, McMic Night (yes, we ate a lot of burgers), Kyoto House (my personal favourite – sushi!) and a Campfire Coffeehouse. Our most recent Coffeehouse event was titled “The Finer Things” and included formal attire and vast amounts of cookies, pastries and punch.

How often are these events?

Coffeehouses typically occur about twice a semester, and are eagerly anticipated and well attended by the Tyndale university community.

Do you want to go to a Coffeehouse?



Catherine Hopkins

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Second Year
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