Sneak Peek at Next Year’s Student Council

The University College Student Council Executive Team for the 2015-2016 academic year was just voted in by the Tyndale university community. Here is your sneak peek for who your President and Vice Presidents are for the upcoming year!


Adam Morton – President

Year in September: Fourth Year

Program: Biblical Studies and Theology with a minor in Worship and Music Ministries

Career Goal: I would love to be involved in some sort of music-driven ministry (worship pastor, for example), HOWEVER, I will be spending four months in Peru this summer, and that could open up the possibility of international missions work teaching English as a Second Language in different countries.

Fun Fact: As of April 6th, 2015, I have worn a tie every day for 926 days, with an end goal of 1,000 days (June 19th, 2015).

What he’s looking forward to:  My past three years at Tyndale, although incredible, have been filled with an anticipation for the Bayview campus. Now, looking at the new campus, I am excited to welcome the new and returning students to the building we’ve been trying to move into for the past few years, and starting a new chapter in Tyndale’s history.

On being part of the first Student Council team at Bayview: Since the building is new to everyone, and we will only begin to be familiar with the spaces and options available to us, the Council team will have new challenges to face and an opportunity to set the bar for future Council teams. As president, I want to make sure that in the midst of figuring out the new campus and where to host events, we as a Council team do not forget to listen to the students and their voices. I look forward to working with everyone involved in leadership to ensure that our first year at Bayview campus is the best it can be, and eagerly await God’s plan as He moves through us and changes us.



Sam Wachob – Vice President of Activities

Year in September: Third Year

Program: Biblical Studies and Theology with a minor in Philosophy

Career Goal: After graduation I hope to continue my education and possibly pursue a masters degree. In terms of my career, I have a passion for the local church and I hope that passion will allow me to one day work in a church in a full-time position.

Fun Fact: Although you would never think it if you saw me, I actually played football in high school as well as outside of school on a rep team!

What he’s looking forward to: I am extremely excited about the new campus and all of the opportunities there. More specifically, I am excited to see Tyndale start a new chapter and that I get to be a part of the team that makes this first year there truly memorable.

On being part of the first Student Council team at Bayview: I think that being the first Vice President of Activities on the new Bayview campus is going to be challenging in the sense that our team will have to set the way for what Student Council and the student life looks like at Tyndale for the next few years. Though it may seem daunting at times, I am extremely excited to work alongside the rest of the Student Council and try to provide a truly unforgettable year for the students as well as a strong foundation for the future leadership teams to build upon.



Sawyer Bullock – Vice President of Operations

Year in September: Third Year

Program: Philosophy

Career Goal: After graduation I hope to continue as an entertainer and entrepreneur; creating and sharing ideas with and for the world.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about myself is that I can escape from a straight jacket in under 90 seconds. Why? No comment.

What he’s looking forward to: For my next term on Student Council, I am greatly looking forward to laying the foundations for future generations of Tyndale students who will study on the Bayview campus. Both formally and informally, 2015-2016 will be extremely formative – and I am very excited to be a part of it.

On being part of the first Student Council team at Bayview: As the first Vice President of Operations on the Bayview campus, I will be seeking to be an effective “middle man” or connector between students and valuable opportunities which they may not be aware of. This will consist of raising awareness of the happenings around Tyndale, which will be very valuable with the larger space, and also ways which they can be involved with local churches, ministries and events.

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 UC Student Council Executive Team! We’re looking forward to seeing what next year has in store.

Catherine Hopkins

BA Business Administration – International Development
Second Year
Student Admissions Representative

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