6 Very Important Things to Bring to the Meet and Eat BBQ

First of all, congratulations to all accepted students! We are excited to have you join the Tyndale community as we begin a new journey on the Bayview campus! A celebration is needed, and we hope to see you at the Meet and Eat BBQ for accepted students on June 13. Here are 6 things you need to bring!

1) Yourself
This is crucial. I cannot stress how important this is. Let me illustrate this for you through a story: There once was a guy who came to the ‘Meet and Eat’ but forgot himself. Sadly, no one saw him again. So, please, do not forget to bring yourself. Make sure there’s someone (perhaps Siri) to remind you when you get in the car to bring yourself. You’ll thank me later.

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2) Questions
You might have a ton of questions for Financial Aid, Registration, Admissions Counsellors, your faculty or current students. Serious questions such as, “Do the geese on campus have absolute power?”, “Why are there so many geese?”, “Why do they never attack George Sweetman?” will flock to your mind and although these are very important, other questions like, “How do I register for my courses?”, “What courses should I take?”, “How do I pay my deposit”, or “OSAP is very confusing! Help!” are also good questions to ask Tyndale staff at the Meet and Eat.

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3) Your sense of adventure
If you are thinking, “No, no, that’s not me. That’s for the extrovert.” Well, it’s for you. Because the sense of adventure, no matter how introverted you are, never leaves you; it’s what drives you to pick up that book and read, all day and night. So, bring that sense of adventure and meet some other adventurers!

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5) Empty stomach
To say something Aussies never say, “I’ll put some shrimp on the barbie!” But, after a long, cold Canadian winter, what more do you need to hear than that it’s 20 degrees out and the BBQ is ready. We are having a BBQ! Bring your empty stomach.

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6) George Sweetman, Dean of Students
No one brings George anywhere; anywhere is always brought to George. George was once dared to count to infinity, and he did; twice. No one has dared him since. George also created a four-sided triangle with his feet, upside down, over an active volcano. Just a warning: George may play down his vastly superior intellect and speak in normal English when you meet him.

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*You may have noticed that the number 4 is missing; it’s missing for a reason. George Sweetman doesn’t believe in number 4’s because he believes it’s the least efficient number to write. All the other numbers can be done in one glorious stroke, whereas the number 4 breaks that flow when being written. Thus, the omission of the number 4.

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What are you waiting for? Register now for the Meet and Eat BBQ. See you there!

I.J. Makan

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative

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