Exploring Your Passions at Tyndale

Tyndale is a university where you have many opportunities to explore and deepen your passions through your classes and extra-curricular activities. These are just a few examples of the wide range of possibilities available to you:


Music is a passion shared by many. Whether it is your hobby or you want to use it in a future career, Tyndale has opportunities for you to use your talents:

  • Take our Christian Ministries – Music and Worship minor to lead you on the path to a music ministry career.
  • Try out for the Tyndale Worship Team or the Tyndale Choir.
  • Take music classes that interest you – Tyndale offers Piano, Vocals, Music Appreciation and more.
  • Be a performer at a Tyndale Coffeehouse or Open Mic night and show off your skills.
  • Play your guitar and sing in the cafeteria! (This does happen)


Are you passionate about pursuing knowledge? University offers a great opportunities to soak up as much information as possible. If you’re passionate about learning:

  • Take courses from professors you want to learn from, even if it’s outside your area of study. If you’ve heard incredible stories about a professor, don’t miss your chance to experience a class with them.
  • Use your electives to take courses outside of your field of study and broaden your horizons.
  • Appreciate your peers and engage in discussion with them. They have so much to teach you, and can offer advice and different perspectives that can shape your opinions.
  • Join a club that interests you. Tyndale has program-specific clubs such as the Tyndale Association for Psychology (TAPS) or the Tyndale Philosophy Club. This is a great opportunity to attend conferences, learn from professors and peers, and share your knowledge with others.


Tyndale has a great selection of sports teams so you can show off your skills, with more to be added to the roster in the future:

Men’s Club Teams:

  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

Women’s Club Teams:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

There are also many intramural sports opportunities, including Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Tyndale’s most popular – Floor Hockey. If you’re passionate about sports, show your competitive side as a Tyndale Guardian.

Helping Others

If you are passionate about serving globally or locally, Tyndale can help you do that:

  • Local and Global Outreach – Tyndale has multiple opportunities for getting involved in Toronto and overseas.
  • Volunteer with a local church. Tyndale is located amidst a ton of local churches, many of whom are always looking for volunteers to help with kid’s ministry, tech support and more.

There are so many more areas that you might be passionate about, but these are just a few examples of how Tyndale provides amazing opportunities to explore your interests!

Catherine Hopkins

BA Business Administration – International Development
Second Year
Student Admissions Representative

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