7 Frequently Asked Questions About Tyndale

Choosing a university was one of the most difficult and stressful experiences of my adolescent life. I visited multiple university campuses, spent hours on my application, and placed considerable pressure on myself to choose the right program and the right university. I quickly discovered that choosing a university was less of a “Will I get in?” decision and more of a “Is this the right place for me?” decision. With this in mind, I hope that this FAQ list will provide a more complete picture of the admissions process and life at Tyndale.

1. What is unique about Tyndale University College?
Tyndale is a tight-knit community of dedicated students and professors who create a welcoming environment to explore a variety of academic, spiritual and personal topics. Tyndale professors take time to personally invest in students and ensure that we learn multiple views on the same issue to give us a holistic and balanced education.

2. Is Tyndale a recognized university?
Tyndale University College is a provincially recognized degree-granting institution within the province of Ontario. Tyndale grants Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degrees in the arts, business administration and social sciences, under authority granted by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

3. What are the tuition and residence costs?
Tuition and residence costs vary depending on whether you choose to attend university part-time or full-time and if you want a single room or a double room on residence. Currently, a full-time student can expect tuition and residence for one year to cost $21,230. For more information on tuition and residence fees, please visit the links below:

4. What sort of financial aid is available to me?
Tyndale offers a variety of financing options for students, including our President’s scholarships for entrance grades and a church-match program. The average student receives $2,200 in financial assistance from Tyndale. External aid is also available through OSAP and scholarship websites like scholarshipscanada.com. For more information on financial aid options, please visit tyndale.ca/financialaid/scholarships.

5. Do I have to know what I want to do before going into university?
No, you don’t! University is a time to explore your interests and passions and most students change their majors multiple times throughout their first year of university – I was one of these students.

6. What kind of clubs and/or sports can I join?
Tyndale offers a variety of clubs and sports (go Guardians!) that enable students to become involved in student life. The ExploreTU blog team has written some posts about sports, clubs and events for students:
Intramural Sports
Student Life Events

7. How can I apply?
Tyndale isn’t part of the OUAC website because we are a private university, so we offer an online application that is completely FREE. Find out more and apply today at tyndaleu.ca.

Desaree Rosskopf

BA Honours History Major
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative and Co-President of Tyndale’s Social Justice Group

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