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Excellent Academics
Conor Sweetman

Tyndale has played an instrumental role in aligning the trajectory of my life with the talents and passions that God has gifted me with. The excellent academics that Tyndale offers provided a catalyst for my personal maturation and inspired intellectual pursuits. Looking back on the last three years, I am astonished to see the transformation from the unmotivated high school student that came to Tyndale in first-year, to the current version of myself who looks forward to seeing next year’s course listings, regularly meets with professors outside of the classroom, and feels prepared to vigorously pursue a career that God has made increasingly clear throughout my time at Tyndale. As an English major, I was not prepared for the powerful influence that my academic pursuits would have on me. What I learned in classes such as “Romantic Poetry” and “Science Fiction & Subcreation” and at Tyndale as a whole has had a far-reaching impact on my worldview, how I see God’s work throughout cultural history, and how I interact with Him, as well as those around me.

Incredible OpportunitiesCaitlin Moses

Throughout my time at Tyndale I have received many opportunities that have shaped me — not only academically, but also spiritually, personally and as a leader. Having had the chance to be a Community Group Leader and participate in two mission trips — currently preparing for my third trip back to Zambia — as well as holding the position of Global Outreach Coordinator, there are many areas within the university that you can get involved in. These opportunities have allowed me to expand my horizons in many areas of life. These experiences have shown me many incredible aspects of the Tyndale community, which has allowed me to thrive and supported my growth.

Amazing Residence I.J. Makan

One of the best decisions I made while at Tyndale was to live on residence for my first two years. Why is that? You see, living on residence had a huge and unexpected impact on me. Having grown up in boarding school since Grade 6 until I graduated high school, I expected nothing new coming into residence — what can possibly surprise a veteran like myself? Well, it turns out I was in for an unexpected surprise. From the very first day to the very last day on residence, Tyndale nurtured my intellectual and spiritual life with an amazing community of friends who became my family. One example of this important community can be seen in one of my closest friends and first-year roommate, Gerad. He is humble, kind, talented, smart and, most of all, loves Jesus. Gerad inspired to me to be a better student, friend and brother. Encouraging me, and standing by my side through good times and bad, he helped me understand Plato’s Cave and Aristotle’s Categories. This is what Tyndale is about, inspiring you to be the person God has called you to be, and to embrace challenge for the sake of personal and communal growth.

Conor Sweetman

BA English
Fourth Year
Student Admissions Representative

Caitlin Moses

BA Biblical Studies & Theology – Intercultural Studies
Fourth Year
Tyndale Global Outreach Coordinator & Senior Student Admissions Representative

I.J. Makan

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative

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