Preparing for University

I remember lying down on my bed thinking, “What can I do to get ready for Tyndale University College?” And I’m sure many of you have thought the very same thing; for that reason, I thought I’d help you get ready for Tyndale.

1.  Be prepared to read, and lots of it too.


Tip: Start getting into the habit of reading during the summer. Read some classic books, Plato’s Dialogue for example.

2. Be prepared to write essays.


Tip: Start a blog. Write about a topic that interests you, or a book you’ve read, or a thought you had. You don’t have to share your blog on Facebook or Twitter. It’s for your own benefit. The difference between a blog and book journal, quite simply, is that one is on the internet and the other is not. You are more accountable to having better grammar when on the internet (not always).

3. Bring a laptop for writing papers, reading e-books, researching, and watching Netflix or Youtube

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Tip: Get a good and reliable laptop. You don’t want it to crash halfway through the semester.

4. Download Dropbox or any other service backup software; it keeps your files safe, synced and easy to access anywhere. And you never have to lose that paper you “almost” finished.

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Tip: It’s free!

5. Two questions you need to ask yourself as you start thinking about packing for Tyndale: (1) Do I really need this? (2) Am I sure I really really need this?

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Tip: Many-a-soul have made the mistake of bringing with them bounties of treasures from home that never get touched once they arrive at Tyndale. If you land on question two, you don’t need it because at that point you have rationalized the need for whatever it is.

6. Remind yourself that studying at a university is a privilege and to make the most of every class.

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Tip: Sit closer to the front so you don’t get distracted.

7. Spend time during the summer pouring into your hobby.


Tip: This will come in handy during the semester when you are feeling a bit stressed and you need to do something not related to academics.

8. Be open minded.


Tip: Don’t be afraid to try something new–it could be eating sushi for the first time or attempting to slack line.

9. Don’t be a hermit all the time. We humans are built for community; we thrive most when in community.


Tip: Crawl out of that lego shell every so often and meet some new peeps.

Please feel free to leave your questions in the comments!

I.J. Makan

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative

2 comments on “Preparing for University
  1. Nisha says:

    Hi I’m going to be join Tyndale for Bibilical theology can u give me more tips I’m little scared how they classes and any study tips

    • I.J. Makan says:

      Hi Nisha! Our Biblical Studies and Theology program is one of the best! We are excited to have you join us. The classes are amazing! The interaction between student and professor in and out class is what I really love about Tyndale.

      So, in your first year you will be taking introductory classes like, Old Testament, Hermeneutics, History of Western Civ and etc. The amount of reading can seem scary at first but they are manageable once you turn them into bite size chunks 🙂

      One study tip would be to find a place where you know noone will disturb you and study there. And do your studies in 30/40 mins sessions a taking 5 min breaks in between.

      Hope that helps!

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