Monthly Archives: August 2015

Places to Hang Out on Campus

There is something enticing about exploring an old building and seeking out the mysteries lining beneath the rough stone and twinkling stained glass. Tyndale’s new campus is a cornucopia of corridors, side rooms and fascinating nooks that has been equated to a scene out of the Maze Runner. This maze not only provides valuable procrastinating time from homework (guilty),

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New Student Spotlight: Carla-Ann


Incoming Psychology major Carla-Ann is one of our two scholarship winners for the 2015-2016 entering year. I had the opportunity to catch up with Carla-Ann earlier this month to discuss the award. “To be the winner of the Presidential Award was an unexpected surprise,” states Carla-Ann,

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How Tyndale Students Connect

One of the many things Tyndale has taught me is that a university education is about more than getting good grades and getting the degree, though that too is important, but university education, in its entirety, is the process of understanding what it means to be humans. Part of this understanding comes from building connections with a myriad of individuals who help you grow,

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