Places to Hang Out on Campus

There is something enticing about exploring an old building and seeking out the mysteries lining beneath the rough stone and twinkling stained glass. Tyndale’s new campus is a cornucopia of corridors, side rooms and fascinating nooks that has been equated to a scene out of the Maze Runner. This maze not only provides valuable procrastinating time from homework (guilty), but also a collection of amazing ‘hang out’ places for students to enjoy. So, in honor of back-to-school, here are my top five places to utilize this upcoming year.

1. Pride Lands “everything the Frisbee touches is the Frisbee-golf course”
Tyndale has acquired its own ‘Pride Lands’ equipped with an amazing Frisbee golf course, rushing stream and plenty of grassland to make this an excellent spot to study, pray, hang out with friends, or have a picnic date. Plus, you may even see a deer or two!

Tyndale University  College

Tyndale University College

2. The Secret Garden (Tyndale Courtyards)
Tyndale’s two courtyards are amazing getaways from the bustle of school and the prevailing concrete landscape of city life. With one being a designated prayer garden, it is an exceptional place to enjoy some quiet devotion, while the other two are great for hanging out with friends, studying or just taking a break. Plus, for those of you taking Intro to Environmental Science you can explore an ecosystem with ease.

Tyndale University College

Tyndale University College

3. The Gathering Place (Lounges)
The multiple lounges situated around Tyndale are perfect for spending quality time with your friends in a relaxing environment. If you enjoy a competitive game of ping pong or foosball or a rowdy game of Dutch Blitz, this is your place. Plus, these are ideal meeting places for group projects.

Tyndale University College

Student Commons – Tyndale University College

Student Lounge - Tyndale University College

Student Lounge – Tyndale University College

4. The Watering Hole (The Lamp Post Cafe)
Tyndale’s Lamp Post Café provides a wonderful lighted meeting place for students, faculty and staff. Plus, it is right beside where the coffee is at!

Tyndale University College

Tyndale University College

5. The Think Tank (The Dining Hall/Cafeteria)
Okay, so it is not an actual strategic think tank like you see in the movies but the Caf is the place to be during the week if you want to catch up with people. Not only is it ideal for a bout of friendly board games, students use it for collaborating on group projects, club meetings and the frequent philosophical debates on basically every topic imaginable. Plus, you can enjoy a meal while doing all of this.

Tyndale University College

Tyndale University College

If there is a favorite spot on campus you and your friends have discovered, we would love to hear about it! Happy exploring.     

Desaree Rosskopf

BA Honours History Major 
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative & Co-President of Tyndale’s Social Justice Group

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  1. Albert Lee says:

    Nicely done article Desiree. 🙂


  2. Andy Smith says:

    Don’t forget to check out all the great spots to hang your hammock around campus! Check out for the details!

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