5 things about Tyndale Frosh Week that you will not believe

Tyndale’s frosh week, Cultivate 2015, proved to be a unique and memorable experience. The first week of university is a time often characterized by heightened nerves, the initial shock of moving away and the elation of forming new friendships. This year’s orientation week allowed Tyndale’s frosh class to ease into this new phase of life with comfort and excitement.

  1. Downtown Toronto Exploration

The frosh class, along with their Community Group Leaders, set out to explore their new home of Toronto in all of its glory. In order to get familiarized with some of the landmarks, they embarked on a lively photo-scavenger hunt. Four years from now they can look back at old Instagram posts and fondly reminisce about their awkward frosh year.

  1. Sundaes on Friday

The Student Leadership Team played some groovy jazz as the backdrop for a relaxed evening in the courtyard where the frosh unwinded after a long move-in day. New friendships were formed in the easy-going, vibin’ atmosphere.

  1. Boat Races

Competition heated up as teams put their creative and technical skills to use in transforming a plank of cardboard into a sailable boat. The teams were encouraged by rowdy and creative cheers, bringing the energy level to an all-time high.

  1. Pub Trivia Night

The first day of the Fair Havens retreat began with a night of chicken wings, nachos and good old fashioned trivia. With categories such as “’Murica: Law or Not” and “Deconstructionalized Movie Plots”, the frosh enjoyed an evening of socializing and showing off their impressive, yet otherwise useless, knowledge of random facts.

  1. Cultivate 2015 

The tone became one of quiet prayer and reflection as the RA’s led a devotional time around an indoor “campfire”. The night allowed a reprieve to the flurry of activity and the frosh were able to settle their minds and hearts, praying and pondering what the year ahead holds for them.

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