Introducing Dr. Ojong

Oct1915Classrooms-48Dr. Nathanael Ojong is the new Assistant Professor of International Development here at Tyndale. He has an amazing educational and experiential background, and brings so much insight into the International Development stream of our Business Administration program. I had the great opportunity to chat with him and learn some of his thoughts on the program.

About Dr. Ojong

Dr. Ojong completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Buea in Cameroon. From there, he completed his Masters of Development Management at the University of Westminster in London, England. Following this, he completed his PhD at the Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies.

Dr. Ojong has experience working for the United Nations in Geneva with a Social Finance Program, and he is currently working with the World Bank as a consort focused on gender equality.

Business Administration—International Development Program

The BA Business Administration – International Development program is really the best of both worlds. Dr. Ojong pointed out to me the uniqueness of the diverse options this program presents: students are equipped with skills to go into business, or they can base their career in the field of International Development. The combination of theory and practical is what Dr. Ojong is most excited about.

Malawi Internship

All students in the Business Administration—International Development program complete an overseas internship in Malawi, Africa. This is a new program where students complete an orientation week and two week-long intensive courses (Micro politics in IDVP and Project Management and Evaluation). They are also required to complete an 8-week internship working with an organization of interest in Malawi. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience and is something that IDVP students are very excited about!

Where Can This Program Lead?

There are many opportunities for graduates of this program. Some potential future career options according to Dr. Ojong are: working with governments, creating NGO’s and working with research organizations.

Student Perspective

I am currently in my third year of the Business Administration—International Development program, and I would highly recommend it. I hope to work for a Christian charity one day and I feel that I am truly being equipped to pursue such a career. I will be starting my internship in Malawi this January, and I could not be more excited!

To learn more about specific courses involved in this program head to:

Catherine Hopkins

BA Business Administration – International Development
Third Year
Student Admissions Representative

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