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Interview with Adam Morton, President of Tyndale University College Student Association

Are you thinking about applying for student council, but are not sure what to expect? Adam Morton, President of Tyndale University College Student Association (TUSCA), shares his student council experience.

Why did you join student council?

I joined council because I saw the events they hosted in my first two years at Tyndale,

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What You Need to Know About Tyndale’s Hunger Banquet


What is a Hunger Banquet anyway?

A Hunger Banquet is an interactive event where guests have the opportunity to learn more about and experience world food distribution and poverty. Essentially, at a Hunger Banquet a meal is provided, followed by incredible and dynamic speakers.

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Top Six Places to Study at Tyndale

58ca4176a56bec02384aee4e11c1a6882127dc878a9cca77c0cc6f936d36a552With midterms well on their way, and everyone now settled onto our new and spacious campus, students are flocking to their favourite study spots with a coffee and snacks in hand. If you are still searching for that perfect study spot, or you like to change things up every once in a while,

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What Should You Study?

“Follow your passion and not the money; for money will follow your passion,” said my father.
I.J. Makan

BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative

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