Top Six Places to Study at Tyndale

58ca4176a56bec02384aee4e11c1a6882127dc878a9cca77c0cc6f936d36a552With midterms well on their way, and everyone now settled onto our new and spacious campus, students are flocking to their favourite study spots with a coffee and snacks in hand. If you are still searching for that perfect study spot, or you like to change things up every once in a while, check out this list of the top six places you can study at Tyndale.


1. The Cafe (also known as The Lamp Post)

The Cafe is the perfect location to study if you like to be around people but still want to ace your midterms. The Cafe is a study hot spot, so you will never feel lonely there, but once you pull out the textbooks you can bury yourself in your studies. Not to mention that when you start to feel sleepy coffee is only steps away.

dinig2. The Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is a great spot for extroverts to study. You are always likely to run into someone you know when you head over there for a quick break from paper writing. There is so much space in the dining hall, so you know you will always find somewhere to spread out your work and conquer your studies.

3. The John Kao Centre

Study Hall Edited (3 of 18)Tyndale’s first 24 hour study centre is the place to go when you need to work into the early hours of the morning. There is always a quiet spot to study in the John Kao Centre. With its couches and large desks, you know you will always be comfortable. The breakout rooms, often used for small groups, hold less people and are the perfect place to study in a comfy chair with plenty of quiet. The Cafe is conveniently located just outside of the centre to satisfy your sweet-tooth and provide you with a caffeine boost.

4. The 6th Floor Lounge

Tyndale residents know of this large and convenient lounge that has become a study hot spot for students. Not only is this room open 24 hours, but there is even a TV.  When you want to take a break, you can usually count on the channel to be turned to Dr. Phil.

5. The Student Commonscommons

Student Commons is another perfect place to park yourself in front of your notes. The room’s comfy couches and large windows make for the perfect study spot.

6. The Library

The library is a place many students can be found hiding out during midterm and exam season. This student favourite is the perfect study place if you need silence. The best part about the library is that you can sit at one of the large tables with your study group, or if you need serious solitude you can choose one of the private desks. As an added bonus, the library is located just across the hall from the Cafe.

Now take your pick and conquer those exams, so this can be you:


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