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Tyndale is committed to supporting all students in their academic, spiritual and personal journeys. One of the many ways Tyndale honours this commitment is by providing support to students who require special accommodations. From academic tutoring, to counselling services, to disability accommodation, Tyndale supports and aids students to reach their fullest potential throughout their university years.


Study Hall Edited (3 of 18)Tyndale is dedicated to creating an environment where students with disabilities are able to participate and integrate into the academic setting. Through accommodation and learning support, Tyndale works to neutralize the limitations that students experience. Accommodations can vary significantly depending on individual needs and can include providing a separate space in which to write exams, as well as special furniture and assistive technologies. Students requiring accommodation or support are encouraged to make an appointment with our Accessibility Services Office. In doing so, they can discuss their individual needs and then collaboratively develop an appropriate course of action for accommodation. These meetings are always confidential, so students can know they are receiving the best possible outcome and always have their privacy respected.


commonsTyndale offers professional Counselling Services available to all students. Counselling is provided for individuals, couples, and families. A variety of seminars on relevant topics are also available throughout the year. Tyndale counsellors will work with students on any number of issues such as stress management, relational issues, anxiety, time management, self-esteem, self-care and more. There is no issue too small to bring up, and Tyndale’s counsellors will support students as they work through personal and spiritual needs.

Centre for Academic Excellence

Tyndale University College

Tyndale University College

Tyndale’s Centre for Academic Excellence provides students with academic tutoring services and writing consultation. Through a combination of one-on-one sessions, attending workshops, group study sessions, and accessing resources both online and at the Centre, students have access to a comprehensive program of support. Academic tutoring is available to undergraduate students in a variety of study areas. Knowledgeable and friendly tutors assist students in mastering course material and sharpening their skills in note-taking, research, studying and exam writing. Writing consultation services include organizing and outlining ideas, learning to edit, refreshing grammar skills, documenting sources, and refining style. The Centre for Academic Excellence provides students with the opportunity to develop their academic skills to set them on a course for success throughout their academic careers.



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Third Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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