Who needs the Leafs? Tyndale Guardians on the Rise

In 2016, the Tyndale Guardians took the scene by storm as a team of excitable and talented newcomers hailing from the University, Seminary and Bachelor of Education programs at Tyndale. Throughout the winter semester, the newly unveiled team played in three tournaments around Ontario and acted as host in North York. Tyndale inter-varsity hockey has hit its stride and earned a name for itself, placing second in the North York tournament, and sweeping a series against Heritage College.


After a year of wheel, snipe and celly for the boys, the Tyndale Guardians are taking the summer off on the old golf course, but are gearing up for next year. Having experienced a successful year of growth and development, coach Justin Bodiam expresses the heart behind the Tyndale Guardians that he hopes to see continue for years to come. “It has always been my vision that the players on this team gain a deeper sense of community here at Tyndale,” he says. “In this second year of the team’s existence it was a privilege to see players growing in their abilities of leadership, respect, and of course the great game of hockey. Hockey has always been one of my personal passions, I love the ice, the feeling of flying up the wing, the thrill of a shot crossing that goal line, and getting to do it with great friends and creating bonds that last a life time.”

With excitement for what the future holds for this program, Wes Dickson – defenseman and next year’s University Student Council VP – explains, “This year we made huge strides in our identity as a team, and really took on the mantle of being the Guardians. On the ice our team became increasingly competitive as our system develo12829469_10156599641950506_2204188961095143648_oped, and off the ice we had a tight knit group of guys who embodied the word fellowship. Next year I am hoping we can continue down the road we’ve started on. I’d like to see us become more competitive in terms of our play, we need to strive for excellence if we want to compete at the higher levels we have our eyes set on.”

Summing up the energy of Tyndale and the Guardians, goalie Isaiah Simms says, “I enjoyed every minute spent with the team, both on and off the ice. Whether practice or game we had a good time… What a year with the bro-skis.”


Conor Sweetman

BA English


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