10 Things Tyndale Students Actually Do During the Summer

Summer MemeExams are over, the weather is heating up, the sun is out and so is school. So what do Tyndale students actually do over the summer? Whether we are back home for the summer, staying in Toronto, or have moved somewhere completely new for a few months, we all end up doing a few of the same things. Here is a peek at what summer has in store for Tyndale students.


We WorkBest-Summer-Jobs-For-College-Students

Time in class is replaced with time working at our summer jobs. Students can find a number of cool jobs to do throughout the summer. From supporting children at summer camp, to working for a professor, to landscaping, our summers are sure to be filled with many exciting (and let’s be honest, some not so exciting) work days.

We Read

The summer is the perfect time to work through our ever-growing reading list. Throughout the school year, we read and read and read for classes, but summer is the perfect time to read  just for fun!


bilboWe Travel

Without a doubt summer is a time when our social media feeds are drowning in photos of our friends on the beach, in the mountains, on a street in Europe or on a trip with one of Tyndale’s missions teams. Summer is a great time to travel. With no assignments or exams to worry about, it’s easier to find some time to do some exploring abroad or even a little closer to home.


We Go To The BeachPeople-At-Beach

What better way to spend a hot summer day than go to the beach! Sun, fun, food, and friends are the perfect way to round out another day of vacation.

We Spend Time With Family

When we are busy with school, it can be hard to see family regularly, especially if we are living away from home. Summer holidays is the best time to get in some family time, catch up on each other’s lives, and remember just how important your loved ones are to you.

We Sleep In

What’s the point of summer if you can’t relax a little? With no early classes to wake up for, enjoy sleeping in for a few extra hours.

We Meet Up With Friends7-hangout-friends

Whether we are catching up with friends from high school or hanging out with new ones from Tyndale, you can always find Tyndale students taking full advantage of some extra free time to be with their friends. Mini high school reunions are a perfect summer past-time, but we never forget about the amazing friendships we have made here and make a huge effort to see our Tyndale friends, no matter where we find ourselves over the summer.

We Talk About School

Without a doubt, when you go home for the summer, your family will ask you how school is going, what you’ve learned, and whether or not you have decided what you want to do after graduation. The conversations are inevitable, and so we will spend a significant amount of time talking about school. But in all honesty, we love getting to tell people about all of our adventures from the previous year.

We Think About the Fall BayviewCampus

As much as we love having a relaxing break from assignments, readings, and exams, deep down we really miss it all. So without fail, Tyndale students will find themselves sitting and thinking about all that is to come in the next year – their classes, professors, friends, and roommates. We can’t help but dream up a few plans for when we are all back together in September.


Kaitlyn Williams

BA Business Administration – International Development 
Third Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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