Monthly Archives: August 2016

Which TyndaleU Admissions Counsellor are you?

Rebecca Nejrup

BA Human Services- Social Service Work
Fourth Year

Student Admissions Representative 

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Inside Out – Frosh Week

Are you wondering what to expect during frosh week? I’m sure by now you’ve seen the schedule for the week, and know exactly what you’ll be doing – but what will be going through your brain? What emotions will you feel? Well that’s easy –  all of them! Here are a few emotions you may feel as the week progresses:



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The New Music and Worship Arts Minor

This fall Tyndale will officially offer a Music and Worship Arts Minor. The new minor provides students with opportunities to develop their skills and talents in music and worship. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to work or volunteer in worship ministry, or who wants to dive deeper into their passion for music!

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What You Need to Know About Tyndale’s Counselling Services

Did you know Tyndale students can receive free, on-campus counselling? Tyndale’s Counselling Services can be a great support to you, especially during the major transition you experience as a first-year student. The department offers professional counselling to individuals, couples and families, as well as seminars and events on a variety of topics.

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